Lost Blogger! If Found, Please Train and Return to “untitled”!

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

Good Morning, for some truly unknown to me reason, I clicked “inspire me” and the above “inspiration” appeared magically/technologically!  I’m not a big fan of directions/rules, but I can see where some do have their place.  Otherwise, we would have total chaos/crisis (oh, but wait, we are just about there, aren’t we; and those deluded to he point of no return are firmly entrenched in the conviction that with a pen and a phone, they can do anything; perhaps ‘he who has the pen’ will walk on water for us to prove his ‘justifications’.  I’d watch that live, of course   — mixing my metaphors or just scrambling my own brain.  I do have a question(s) or point!  When you have something to say, at World Press, you create a new post, perhaps even entitle it!  I will double back and do that once I’m further ‘inspired’!  Under the title, are 14 symbols, most of which I do not understand at all, not even when I read the little clue under it.  I was quite surprised to find this morning that I was being congratulated for having reached some milestone of having 5 or 6 followers; for some reason the 6th was separated, as though follower #6 (who could be follower #1) could only be “batched” in 5’s.  Further scrolling around my own WP site, with a click here and there, revealed to me an authority, choice, selection (something like that) that I did not know I had; it actually may be a responsibility to keep the gears in motion!  I just don’t know!  I would appear that if someone wishes to comment on anything I post/publish (don’t know the difference), their words hang around (I guess) awaiting my “approval” or even “edit”; why would I edit what you said.  I edit what I’m writing!  I’m not a ‘copy editor’ on some daily techno ‘rag’.  (Please take no offense at the term (unless you wish to); it’s a old newspaper reference for print ‘journalism’!  Bottom Line, I like WP; however, it is abundantly clear to me (and probably you if you are reading this), that I don’t know what I’m doing.  Any WP mentors out there with guidance, advice in the simplest, most clear English who might be able to offer some time and assistance to this aspiring, legitimate blogger, you help will be most appreciated.  Do we really ‘approve’ feedback from another to some-thing we posted/ImageImagepublished?  When we ‘approve’, what happens? What if we don’t approve?  What’s the bit about editing someone elses work (or do I misunderstand that, along with so much else?)!  So didn’t actually answer the ? posed as ‘inspiration’ (sort of like personal “Jeopardy”, but I did ask for as much Word Press Blogging clarification as fellow communicators care to offer. Thank you for your time.  One other thing — saw the best WP post this morning (received via email) regarding 1,000 high-school student singing Our National Anthem on l8 floors of a hotel (perhaps in Sochi, but I am not sure)!  It was such a wonderful way to start my Sunday and I wanted to share it with all of you and friends on face book, twitter, etc.  I tried, but now I can’t find it and have no ideas if it’s awaiting “approval” or if I did something wrong.  It’s at the “You Viewed Editorial” Blog — at least I thing that’s the Blog name.  If that blogger is reading this, I wish to thank you so much for the bravery in capturing the beautiful video — such a marvelous inspiration and fine credit to the younger generations of Americans soon to take our places in Protecting and Defending Our Exceptional Republic and The Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America!  God Bless America!  A Good Sunday to you all!


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