See Link to article on Congress Initriates Impeachment Proceedings against President Barack H. Obama. .

See Link for article on Impeachment Proceedings brought by Congress (House of Representatives)…


Deaths Connected to the Obama White House – Too Many To Count

Deaths Connected to the Obama White House – Too Many To Count.

Allen West: Obama “Abjectly DESPISES Whites!”

Allen West: Obama "Abjectly DESPISES Whites!".

The Loneliness Generation

Jessie Vetter’s Team USA goalie mask required to remove Constitution rendering

Replace the words “We The People” with the majestic images of the World Trade Center and “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the communist party?” God Bless The Republic of the United States of America!!!

Petition to White House Calls on Public Schools to Recognize Muslim Holidays

In all likelihood, New York City’s new ‘Communist Curriculum’ is to be taught concurrently with “Common Core” (revisionist and unconstitutional)! Seems quite clear that adding Muslim Religious to school calendars poses a direct conflict with the ‘Communist Curriculum’ — this is all a ‘twisted joke’ — would almost be funny if it weren’t such a real nightmare! God Bless America!!! Save the Republic!!! Barack Hussein Obama, the lying treasonous traitor, The “Enemy Within” must be arrested, charged appropriately and prosecuted as “An Enemy of the State and ‘We The People’!!!