STUNNING BLOG AND POST – Reverend Michelle Hopkins –

Short, and not so smart – it is my intention to not get sucked in again and, by my own doing, have my credibility questioned!   Ms Hopkins can post whatever she wishes, videos, gory details, dreams, fantasies, inaccurate information, etc.; she never said it was fact, just strongly implied it to be the truth. Don’t you know, the good Reverend was just looking out for the best interests of all Americans in FEMA Region III, and parts (not specified) of Texas! Her original posts (or when I finally saw them anyway) was about 6 weeks ago! NOTE:  Before going any further, THIS IS ALL UNSUBSTANTIATED, AND THE MENTION OF THE FORMER Senator Songstat (R-SD-Retired) could not be located to be contacted by Ms. Hopkins; and yet she went ahead and posted material all attributable to him as the source!  I even phoned the Office of Senator John Thune (R-SD) to see if they were aware of the Video and attribution of the information to Senator Songstat.  Senator Thune’s Office had the video; however, the young lady with whom I spoke had no further information, but she would  pass along my message to Senator Thune!   Some of the material contained in text and the Video POSTED by Rev. Hopkins follows:  Martial Law was in the works, the Emergency Broadcast System was going to be tested daily from September 25, 2013, through October 2, 2013; Foreign Military were being trained in the use of American Military Weapons, and, (of course) to speak English.  The United States National Guard were under orders to finish their annual training, but this time with an emphasis on Urban Warfare and Riot Control, here in the USA!  DHS, by the millions, ordered  Millions of MRE’s, Potable Water Pouches, specific vaccine for a certain Mercer  Virus; surely something was coming, and coming fast, and looking a lot like Martial Law, Imperially Ordered by Obama, on or very close to October 1, 2013.  That’s about it, EXCEPT that the Good Reverend Posted what sure reads like a retraction, explaining, in a calm, sweet voice, well she hadn’t been able to document, substantiate, verify ANYTHING, and that, in fact, the information she most clearly said came from Senator Sheldon R. Songstat, actually did not, at least directly.  Right now, I am angry, very angry about  all this and the Reverend is just lucky she wasn’t publishing in a legit newspaper or magazine!  You knew Rev., if you had you could be sued and perhaps even prosecuted–slander, libel, Stunning Comments–just about as close to fact as you can get about the  President of the United States, etc.!You know what it’s like, Reverend Michelle Hopkins, it’s like screaming FIRE in a Crowed Theatre=A Crime!  Note:  This is not a personal attack, but rather a summarization of the Reverends “Sequel” to the first “Mercer Vir” Video; only the sequel should be entitled, “OOPS”    While I know I am not the original source in the slightest, I took Reverend Hopkins at her word and didn’t stop to think not unlike Obama,  the information contained in her original post NOT VETTED!!!  I offer my apologies to all those who received my posts and than forwarded them on to countless of their friends and followers.  None of this means to suggest things are just fine; they are not.  There is a Serious and Evil “From Within” just as the Founders and Framers warned over two Centuries ago, Wise, Temperate, and with enough spit fire to duke it out – to debate, and debate and write and consider, and rewrite and reconsider – discuss and argue till they lost their voices, but keep on debating!  They did it right and We American Patriots must continue to get it right, lest Our Republic is ripped right Out Of Our Hands, along with God and Our Freedom and Liberty.  God Bless America!!!    And, Please God, forgive me for being a part of  rumor! Amen!



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