STUNNING BLOG AND POST – Reverend Michelle Hopkins –

New to Blogging and WordPress; worry if you would rather have not received this. Thanks for your patience, from: NewKidOnTheBlock


Short, and not so smart – it is my intention to not get sucked in again and, by my own doing, have my credibility questioned!   Ms Hopkins can post whatever she wishes, videos, gory details, dreams, fantasies, inaccurate information, etc.; she never said it was fact, just strongly implied it to be the truth. Don’t you know, the good Reverend was just looking out for the best interests of all Americans in FEMA Region III, and parts (not specified) of Texas! Her original posts (or when I finally saw them anyway) was about 6 weeks ago! NOTE:  Before going any further, THIS IS ALL UNSUBSTANTIATED, AND THE MENTION OF THE FORMER Senator Songstat (R-SD-Retired) could not be located to be contacted by Ms. Hopkins; and yet she went ahead and posted material all attributable to him as the source!  I even phoned the Office of Senator John Thune (R-SD) to see if they were aware of…

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