The CIA’s Syria Program and the Perils of Proxies

Source: The CIA’s Syria Program and the Perils of Proxies


Bernanke’s Fed to Buy Obama a Peaceful Election?

Short and oh-not-so-sweet; Constitutional Conservatives continue the Battle to Save RepublicUSA! Not like we don’t see these commnie/islamo/manipulations coming!

Michael Savage: Obama Should Face ‘Nuremberg Trial’ For ‘Crimes Against America’ (VIDEO) – The Gateway Pundit

Source: Michael Savage: Obama Should Face ‘Nuremberg Trial’ For ‘Crimes Against America’ (VIDEO) – The Gateway Pundit

Michael Savage: Obama Should Face ‘Nuremberg Trial’ For ‘Crimes Against America’ (VIDEO) – The Gateway Pundit

O”We The People”, Our republic’s Constitutionbama, Nuremberg-Style Trial — sound just totally on the money; “Crimes Against Humanity”, definitely! Crimes Against “WeThePeople”, Our Republic’s constitution, perhaps another forum; but, whatever it takes to Prosecute The Treasonous Traitor, Barack Hussein Obama! God Bless You All! God Bless America!!!


Michael Savage: Obama Should Face ‘Nuremberg Trial’ For ‘Crimes Against America’ (VIDEO)

Jim Hoft Nov 4th, 2015 10:12 pm 45 Comments Michael Savage, host of the Savage Nation, author of “Government Zero” and best-selling author, joined Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV to discuss his latest book. savage malzberg

Michael Savage weighed in on Barack Obama’s lawlessness and proposed a Nuremberg-style trial against this president. Wherever you go the political calls, the .0001%ers who answer only to Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, you name it, George Soros, they run the show.

There is no democracy. You know it. Sure we had big victories yesterday. Every election: down on marijuana, down on this absurdity of having men walk around women’s locker rooms under the guise that they feel like a woman.

All of this insanity was thrown out in Houston. Pot was thrown out. You name it, big turnout. Big conservative wins. Just like…

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Power Plant Men’s Club Prizes and a Story of Luck

Give it a shot, it’s so very worth it!!!! Promise!!!!

Power Plant Men

My wife used to wince a little each time I told her I would be late coming home that evening because I was going to the Men’s Club dinner after work. Not because I was going to be spending the evening at the Raccoon Lodge with Ralph Cramden:

Ralph and Norton at the Raccoon Lodge Ralph and Norton at the Raccoon Lodge

It wasn’t because I would come home Blotto’ed after an evening of drinking. No. The reason my wife would cringe at the thought of Men’s Club was because about half the time I went to Men’s Club I would come back with some sort of prize.

You see… I have always been cursed with being lucky. It came in handy sometimes because there were times when I was flying by the seat of my pants and if I wasn’t just plain lucky, things would have ended quite suddenly and there would not have been any…

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Synod Preamble . . . The Pope’s Extraordinary But Perilous Policy

Excellent article; admittedly, I had to read and reread slowly to feel sure I understood the points, warnings and implications.I ved through the time of the Second Vatican Council while still quite young, I remember the “lost feeling” so many Catholics had at the various “newnesses”, esp. in language, which somehow seemed (to me) to diminish The CatholicChurch ! I imagine many readers are familiar with EWTN (EternalWordNetworkTelevision), with a worldwide presence! Prior to Pope Francis I historic visit to the USA, Setp. 2015, I contacted EWTN in its Q&A arena, over 2-3 weeks posing two questions (1 ea time) regarding Papal Political Activism, as I was becoming concerned since this Pope’s elevation/election by COC in Rome three years ago–concerned about his many very public statements reflecting a clearly liberal voice & position on matters of Politics and social issues within sovereign Nations & nation-states, seemingly viewing the NWO (new world order) as a done deal, while still talking about justice, love, equality, noting females should be educated, all religious accepted, with no delineation addresing any ‘religion’ which expresses itself in violence, vengeance, oppression and total ‘codified’ control in the name of ‘religion’! My ?’s to EWTN were much shorter, simply regarding “Papal Activism”; still wawiting response which I not sure will be forthcoming!
Yes, of course, dialog is healthy, a dialog which contains prayer and thought, some knowledge of an issues history; yet, as an American Catholic, many things are exactly what they are, have been, and will always be (no matter who says or writes what or labels it in celestial & poetic Latin), God’s Law, The Teaching of of Jesus, are not subject to revision based on the social mores of the day or the inclinations of those who only wish for the State to replace God!
Interesting and accurate the article concludes with reference to the Gates of Hell and God’s promise they will never prevail against The Church, but, of necessity, goes on to note, that is, if we don’t attack them!
The current Pontifical Positions seem, at least in part to, be taking a most dangerous path descending directly & aggressively toward the ‘gates of evil’–and with what consequence?
God Bless and Help Pope Francis to see Your Everlasting Will for Your Church, and Grant Him Your Blessing to truly be a Faithful Successor to Saint Peter and The-Son-of God, Jesus Christ, through The Wisdom of the Holy Spirit, Amen!

Catholicism Pure & Simple

In light of the fast approaching Synod of the Family, here is an excellent article written for The Wanderer by Louise Kirk:

September 24, 2015

Synod-on-the-Family-imageThe time of Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. has arrived as I write this. Each stage of his journey, in Washington, New York, and Philadelphia, promises individual riches but will also be watched by the world as a preamble to the Synod of the Family happening in October.
The Holy Father is aware of this. In a direct challenge to the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court ruling he recently urged Catholic married couples to take up the defense of marriage between one man and one woman as a mission entrusted to them.
He explained that this mission is all the more important given that “the image of the family — as God wills it, made up of one man and one woman, in view…

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Germany: Mob of Muslim Immigrants Attack a Young Pregnant Christian Woman Upon Seeing Crucifix

Source: Germany: Mob of Muslim Immigrants Attack a Young Pregnant Christian Woman Upon Seeing Crucifix

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